Kempo - way of the fist
- gentle way

While both Kempo and Jujitsu are martial arts in thier own right each contain elements of the other. Combined together this Martial art of Kempo Jujitsu, used by Japanese Samurai Warriors from ancient times, is a highly effective self defence system. From the battlefields of long ago it enabled an individual a chance to defend themselves in a close quarter combat situation.

Time stands still for no one and things change. The way of life, modern conflicts and weapons have moved on.

So to has Kempo Jujitsu with its many different techniques.

It has been able to adapt (evolve).

Self defence classes at Nicholson Kempo Jujitsu school do not make you bullet proof or immortal. It does give the individual an insight when it comes to defending ones self.

Techniques at class

Kempo (striking methods)

  • kicks
  • strikes
  • punches
  • parries
  • blocks
Attacking and evasive techniques you can see in Kenpo, Karate, Boxing and Kickboxing.

Jujitsu (grappling methods)

  • throws
  • locks
  • chokes
  • sweeps

Holddowns and immobilisations that can be seen in Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido and Wrestling.